James will take the role of Romeo in Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespere, at the Rose Playhouse in London.

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Following their highly acclaimed production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in April 2016, Wolf-Sister Productions and Pepe Pryke return to The Rose Playhouse. This time, they present Shakespeare’s greatest love story.

Two warring families, the Montagues and the Capulets, find themselves far from home. Caught up in a greater conflict, they have been uprooted to a refugee camp. Before Romeo encounters Juliet, the family feud leads to a street brawl. But when they do meet, they fall passionately in love.

What happens when romance runs counter to family ties? How can Romeo and Juliet protect their love when their world is violent and unstable?

Over 21 million people worldwide are facing life as a refugee today. Over half are under the age of 18. Displaced people can often be portrayed as an undifferentiated mass, rather than as individuals. By using this setting for a fa

miliar tale, this production will draw attention to the complex stories of today’s refugees.

James G. Nunn – Romeo
Rhiannon Sommers – Juliet
Genie Kaminski – Benvolio
Ashley Gunstock – Lord Capulet
Elizabeth McNally – Nurse/ Montague
Esther Shanson – Lady Capulet/ Friar Laurence
Niall Ransome – Mercurtio/Prince
Parys Jordon – Tybalt/ Paris

Alex Pearson – Director
Christie Goeden – Stage Manager
David William Meunier-Palmer – Lighting
Yvonne Gilbert – Sound
Pepe Pryke – Producer
Ian Edward Hathway – Chroegraphy

15th November to 10th December 2016 All Performances at 7.30 pm (Sundays at 3.00 pm Only) No Monday Performances.