*Winner of the Alfred Fagon Audiance Award*

Barbados, 1808. Enter Miss Kitty’s parlour on the Fairbranch Plantation of St Lucy; house slaves Nanny G and Asa are preparing for the arrival of an important guest from England; Willa a young slave girl is desperate to be in the family portrait; Parson Lucy is holding religious tuition over tea and sugar biscuits; Field slave Elsie wants to remember how to dream again.

“Go to that room in your mind where your body can’t follow. Lock the door and wait for me there.” – ASA

“A stirring atmospheric production. This isn’t theatre for the faint-hearted – it’s gruelling stuff.  Go if you can.– FemaleArts.com

“… a complex multi-layered story of pain felt by both slaves and masters…  – Ella Achola, Media Diversified

Produced by BurntOut Thetare