Immersion Theatre’s Romeo & Juliet

“Nunn immediately jumped out as one to watch, a flawless young actor with huge things ahead. With flatcap, grin and a sort of cocky, working class, street attitude, he’d be a perfect fit for Peaky Blinders or Ripper Street. But even if he’d been cast as Romeo here he would have excelled just as well…. James G. Nunn and Dan Dawes as Benvolio and Mercutio, daft drunk lads with not the slightest idea or care of what lies ahead, have a wonderful chemistry, energy and spot-on comic timing that brings explosive laughter from the crowd.” 
(C) Sarah Cox, Stage Review ***** (5 Stars)

“Immersion Theatre’s tight ensemble cast are compelling. While Romeo (Clive Keene) and Juliet (Simone Murphy) are at the heart of the action, most of the interest comes from the supporting characters Dan Dawes (Mercutio); James G. Nunn (Benvolio); and Rosanna Morris (Nurse) seize every moment.”
(C) Gareth Johnson, Gay Star News

“James G. Nunn and Dan Dawes as Benvolio and Mercutio brought some wonderful comedic moments to the first act – particularly when leaving the Capulet’s party – and kept the audience in stitches.”
(C) Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1 **** (4 Stars)

“The acting throughout is phenomenal, as the cast moves easily between comedy and tragedy, and they all handle Shakespeare’s language with aplomb.”
(C) Nicola Watkinson, Plays To See ***** (5 Stars)

“There’s plenty of laughs in the first half with Dan Dawes and James G. Nunn having a lot of fun with lads about town Mercutio and Benvolio; The familiar lines are delivered beautifully, and the comedy and tragedy get full value.”
(C) Gary Naylor, Broardway World

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