The People Who Inspire

James has been asked by US photographer, Emily Elizabeth Nelson to be part of her new project ‘People Who Inspire’…

“I have set off on a photographic endeavor, aiming to remind people of the importance of valuing human individuality. It is vital that we all learn to ‘listen through the ear of our heart,’ before it is too late. I learned that little phrase from an Academic Advisor at my home university, David J. Bauman, and it has stuck with me ever since. Since coming here [from the USA] I have been utterly inspired by a great amount of people in my lifetime, but I was overwhelmed, in the best of ways, by the amount of inspiration that surrounds me. I have met many incredibly talented people, and I admire them deeply for what they are doing with their lives. Photography and writing are my chosen methods of storytelling, and, together, I will use them to share the stories of these inspirational people with the world. And, hopefully, we can all be inspired and appreciate the beauty of human individuality together.” – Emily Elizabeth Nelson, Photographer

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